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I have been blessed in life with two beautiful daughter's and three AMAZING darling grandchildren.  I am a thrilled and the MOST happiest MieMie to the most precious 3 boys in the world.
I am so blessed and I do thank god for every second he has given me with my loved ones...Looking forward to the upcoming years.

My three beautiful grandsons are growing so fast. Adley is 5 years old as of this May and Julian just turned 4 yo this October 28th. My newest bundle of joy has finally arrived. Wyatt is now 6 months old already. They are the joy of my forever & always!
     In December before xmas, I am going to Florida for a week with my best friend. I so want to share my pleasure of the sand between my toes, sun beaming on my face and the sound of the ocean waves crashing before my eyes. I have came to the conclusion that all oceans is at my finger tips and all will be my happy place! October 3rd is around the corner, I bought tickets to the Ravens VS Steelers NFL game in Pittsburgh for me and someone who is very close to my heart! see below, for recent images uploaded.
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I must mention the drag out drama my nails caused me today rushing out of my house at 7am...My nails need fixed...whaaaa
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My Adventure to Cunningham Falls
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  Jason & Marissa have been apart of my world for many years...Jason ure a good friend to me and I thank you for being such a great person and bringing joy to my life...MoOo
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Can you see me on the big screen? I will give you a hint, I am on the left, second row!
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Alive 35 Kiss Tour Hershey PA - Best Concert EVER
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I just finished blogging about my 1st experience @ the KISS concert! Read my juicy details, Look for 7-31 entry HERE
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My Vacation 2 OC w/ my Daughters, 2 BFF and my Jelly, my soon 2b sumday son

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I recieved 2 VIP tickets to the event. It was a great day...giggles
                                            Sept 4th
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I had a blast!
                                         Sept 11th
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The love of a family is life's greatest blessing! It's funny that those things your kids did that got on your nerves seem so cute when your grandchildren do them
                                                                            Sept 18th
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Adley sitting in the chair getting his first hair cut ever...It is what he wants and his Mommie listens to him....I am so proud of you Amber...You make me ure proud Mommie....Love you
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The second trip to Hershey was so much fun...I covered a lot of ground. I rode every ride but a few of the water rides b/c they are shut down until next year so that means I will return in May 2011, to make my adventure complete..time ran out to see Chocolate World so again I have another reason to return, heh heh heh
                                                                            Sept 26th
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Missy, Nik Nik, Terri, Jeff, Amber and JD...what a night to remember...muah
                                                                            October 1
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If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for ure soul is alive
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It was the most exciting time of my life! I will NEVER forget this day...I'm happy I paid for our tickets and I wish you the best in life my loved one
                                                                                                         Oct 3
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I took my daughter Amber, my niece Megan, my nephew Brandon and his girlfriend and my friend
                                                                                                         Oct 9
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I have a total of 751 snap shots to share...I seen my first smart sweet memories in all...smiles

                                                                                             Oct 21 thru Nov 1, 2010
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