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Be Accountable - Take Responsibility

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/02/16

Anyone not treating our flag with the respect it deserves,..should be held accountable. Afterall, it is not the flag you are desecrating, but the lives of all those lost defending it.

I agree with Pres-Elect Trump. Before you attack, allow me to exercise my freedom of speech.
I believe our freedom of speech should be protected and our right to protest stand firm, but to destroy our flag is not speech, but destruction based on hate. I saw Veterans I loved wrapped in that flag after giving their life for our freedom! When my father Ray died, his folded flag was handed to me and thousands of other surviving families has also received their loved ones folded flag. The American flag is sacred to many of us!!!

That flag is more then an emblem to me. Calling flag burning free speech is like calling someone crapping on the tomb of the unknown, speech, it's not.

Just because the Supreme Court said its "freedom of speech" to burn the American flag,...doesn't make it right, it needs to be changed. A lot happening in this country NEEDS changed!

The Hillary comment referring to her not allowing this to happen, and if she would've won the election,...
In 2005, Hillary Clinton co-sponsored the Flag Protection Act which made flag burning punishable by a year in jail and a $100,000 fine.
I guess it's okay that Hillary could do it with action? But not okay for Pres-Elect Trump to use words? Do you still think Pres-Elect Trump's words makes him the devil? Now that's what I call a hypocrite. Hypocrites at its finest!!

All of you who think it is OK to burn the American Flag, need to take a second and slap yourself! Countless soldiers have died to give you the freedoms you have to express your opinion...with no retaliation from your Government!

What burns my ass is knowing the disrespect I'm witnessing. And it's legal to do so. ??
Again, the disrespect is soooo so real. You talk about your right to do this,...or that, what about my American right to have the same respect of the American Flag as ALL other flags in the USA that has laws protecting ones flag from "hate crimes."

If you didn't know,...a flag is a symbol and in many ways represents a a flag should be held very high. Burning of a flag cannot be seen as freedom of speech, its an act...a derogatory act and hence deserves severe consequences!! Burning the national flag is insulting the nation. Remember, its not a democrat or republican flag, its the national flag....the action to burn stems from hate!

I'm sick of hearing people preach about freedom of speech.
If somebody decided to protest in the streets and start burning Mexican flags (as an example) would be considered hate and bigotry... burning things is not freedom of speech! If people were burning the LBG flag, again,..everyone would be up in arms and it would be a hate crime... but burning the American flag is just "freedom of speech" ...this way of thinking is a disgrace...such a sad world we live in. This is one of many reasons why we voted for change!!! The minds of many are so twisted and distorted!!!

Burning the American flag is NOT freedom of speech! It once was a crime!! I absolutely stand by Pres-Elect Trump's opinion!!! For the record, stop getting it's his opinion, his right of "freedom of speech." Not a action unlike Hillary's.

L??k at the bright side, if there is a law for burning the American flag,..think back and look at all the faces and all the people who have done it. Holding ones accountable in the future will be a lot of revenue for the different states! We will need to scrap every penny to keep paying the medical bills for millions of people. Nothing is free! Someone is forced to pay the bill!!

Anyhow, these actions is what happens when children get everything they want without any effort.
Some selfishly expect a trophy, just for being present! They lack the important coping skills, needed to navigate day to day challenges! When they don't get their way, they do what they do best, destroy property and BLAME OTHERS for their intellectual shortcomings!

Feel free to burn the flag if you want,...just be prepared to face the penalty that goes with your disrespect for the symbol of the American people.
The flag represents our people not our government!

And I repeat,.. those saying burning the flag is protected by the first amendment...
It's total disrespect for this country. If you don't like it, Get the hell out. No one is forcing you to stay!

Burning and stomping on the American flag is very hurtful...especially to those who have fought for and died for other people's right to do such a thing. Would be interesting to see what 'punishment' there is in other countries for such acts. Israel has the law Pres-Elect Trump has freely expressed of his opinion for our flag.

While I think desecrating the flag in any way is extremely disrespectful. And to those who say making it illegal is an infringement on our freedom,..if we're truly a free country, that freedom has to include things that are offensive. Let me tell you this,...having your cake and eating it t?? a bit much.

If we're truly a free country, and freedom has to include things that are offensive,...why remove God from school? Why did we stop saying the pledge of allegiance in schools? Freedom of speech is a great right. Freedom of religion is equally as great so how come liberals will destroy a person's life if they say or do something they don't like? They can make a man sell his basketball team for exercising his free speech, or put a Christian out of business for exercising his freedom of religion.
Shall I go on?'s a two way street. Someone will always be offended. Trying to make everyone happy at the same time, ...will never happen!!

Liberals look at the flag as a piece of cloth. It's a symbol of our freedom. Freedom that exists through the ultimate sacrifice by true American men and women of this Great country. The American flag serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made and should never be desecrated for in doing so you are desecrating all those that sacrificed their lives to provide you freedom and continue too, so you can hold on to the freedoms you enjoy.
It is not just a piece of cloth.

I'm not going to call you out, know who you are.

It's more than a "piece of fabric" it's a symbol of freedom.

People died holding that flag so you can sit on your butt and type on Facebook all day. All other countries look towards us and sees us as a symbol of freedom,...that's just one of many that our flag resembles.

If you don’t like being here or our flag maybe you should move to Canada with a Prime Minister who talks about Fidel Castro like he is a hero. Please move!

Well, if you so hate America so much then be a true big boy or big girl and pack your bags and jump a flight or a ship off of this nation. We are not begging you to stay. We are not making you stay. What's stopping you?

It's so brilliant what Pres-Elect Trump said in his tweet today! And he is right!! Lose citizenship or jail!!! If you don't like it, MOVE OUT!!!
If people burn an American flag, just goes to show they're not a true American, IMHO!

It's nice having a president who actually tells the American people what he thinks and one who actually makes sense for once. #ILoveTheUSA

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