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Beware Of....

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/10/16

Before I go....let's talk fake news for a moment. All of a sudden the main stream media is picking up this Russian Hacking and influencing an election here as the biggest story of the last couple of days.

Okay I won't discuss the fact that the content of those emails was more important than who got at them, or the fact the Pentagon, Office of Personnel Management and many other Government institutions were hacked during the Obama Administration and somehow our lack of protect...ion of state secrets and identities of all government employees is not as important as the fact the DNC and Podesta was hacked. Go figure.

This is the real story, that even after all these breaches, Pres-Obama and his people have not protected our information any better. And in case you missed it, they were hacked by the most routine of attempts, Podesta responded to an email asking him to change his password, what idiot falls for that?

But here is the fake news aspect, from MSM.

Correct me if I am wrong please! But didn't the USA under Obama try to influence the free elections in Israel last year? Didn't the USA, under Obama influence the elections in Egypt and try and install the government they wanted and when those people revolted tried to save it? Didn't the USA under Obama topple governments in Libya? Didn't the USA under Obama try and influence elections in Argentina, Somalia and other places?

And here is the thing, they didn't do it by releasing the truth about how corrupt one party and candidate was, they did it by sending live people, money, troops, CIA operatives and activists.

So, someone please explain for me a couple of things: Why are they surprised when and if a foreign state tries to influence our elections. Why are they making such a big deal of this, if the press had done their job this information would have been available to the public in the first place. How is it the news media does not recognize the hypocrisy of making this the new narrative and just keeps reporting it?

Can you say fake news yet again, but of course being driven by those complaining about fake news!!

Welcome to follow me ??

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