History will show you for the criminal you have been Hillary. You will be judged for your improper, immoral, unethical and illegal actions. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!! : My Inner Thoughts
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History will show you for the criminal you have been Hillary. You will be judged for your improper, immoral, unethical and illegal actions. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!!

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/02/16

Now, who is the one that cannot accept the election results. After all this recount crap,..Hillary will go down in history as a bitter woman. She will go down in disgrace.
The link below is in her own words. Exactly what she said about not accepting the election results.

Hillary conceded!! Point blank!!!
Can she follow her own words or is that too hard for evil and corrupt brain to understand or comprehend?

She is a traitor to Democracy and everything it stands for! Hillary, you are a hypocrite and a liar! You are most of all a TRAITOR to this Nation, the people and the Constitution!

You don't deserve anyones loyalty or trust. You are not loyal to anyone, but yourself. You're completely Untrustworthy!

Funding mass riots is not a peaceful transition. In trying to take an election you already lost for good reason, you proved that you DON'T KNOW "the difference between leadership and dictatorship." You have not "set us apart," but tried to make this country mirror communist North Korea and Muslim dictatorships you have patterned yourself after for 30 years.

Why don't you be the president in Cuba '2018? Your the one that wants to be a dictator and socialist. You'll fit in great.
You can rule your own little island.

Stop insulting people's intelligence!!!

Pres-Obama released a statement,.. that no hacking detected or any interference with voting detected. That the results would remain as Election Day!

I also thought fraudulent activity would give it to Hillary. Guess what,...November 9,...she said, We must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be your President. We owe him a open mind and a chance to lead."

Hillary, you also said during a general election one month ago, "We have had three and fair elections. We accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. And,..that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election."

Btw, I think Jill missed the deadline... I believe she had to file in every PA county. ??ps!!

I don't even think Hillary will have the popular vote once recounted. All illegals votes will be thrown out! They will do a thorough count with records and ballots. Get ready for more rioting and shining across the states.

I'm wishing that California will also be recounted, just because I want to settle this popular vote once and for all. I haven't fact checked yet, but I've heard the mayor in California has approved illegal immigrants to vote. I don't know If this is true,..but if so,...that's fraud!!

Pres-Elect Trump's electoral lead was too great. He should jump on board this bandwagon ...with the sole purpose of exposing voter fraud.

Back the recount by verifying the validity of the actual voter. Put the dead back in the grave, expose the foreign nationals and other forms of voter fraud. Use it as a springboard for a national voter ID for federal elections,...because the recount isn't for Trump and Hillary,..it's b/c Stein thinks she lost votes. So of course Hillary has to hover for me main reason,... she is aware of the dead people voting had the illegal immigrants votes. She doesn't want that exposed.

Despite the MSM tearing Pres-Elect Trump apart at every opportunity (before he has even taken office) he is coming across as the less hypocritically absurd of the pair, and in terms of which polarity of voters is causing the most drama and damage to the nation, ...that's quite obviously the "Not my president" faction rioting across the country behaving worse than anyone feared Trump supporters would,.. if he lost.

This is just plain sad.

So what, Hillary wants to be the first female president by playing a voter corruption card and a recount despite her various criminal investigations and accusations?

And why would anyone (in their right mind) want her to "win" under those circumstances?

Are they thinking at a minimum, to maintain a constitutional process, Pres-Elect Trump must first take office, then be impeached, then run a new election campaign, and then they win the presidency. Smh...this is insanity!! January 20, 2017 can't come fast enough!!!

Calling for a recount under these circumstances is just pathetic!!

"They" will do everything in their power to change the result of this election. I said it as soon as Pres-Elect Trump won. They won't admit defeat.

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