Karma Will Always Find You : My Inner Thoughts
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Karma Will Always Find You

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/10/16

If you wish evil upon someone it does tend to come back on that person or persons who first spewed it out of their own mouths. It can be called double jeopardy or you have a death wish which can/will come back to the individual who is wishing it upon others intentionally who have done nothing to harm that individual.

WORDS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES. It is time to now think how to use them correctly without every intention in trying to hurt others spitefully.

Fire her!
CNN should be shut down! All CNN is anymore is false reporting and all lies. None of the news today is real! All of the reporters are to lazy to go out and find true life stories like they used to do. They sit and look on the internet for post of videos that someone has captured on their phone and half the time they only capture half of what has happened then the media puts it out with their twist of what they think we want to see or hear.
It's all about clicks and ratings!!!

Why is she not fired for saying that? Does it really matter that she didn't know she was being recorded? That is really what a deplorable person is like. To wish anyone's demise, let alone the President elect!

All the main stream media is bias. If anyone wished Hillary's plane to crash, the left would be screaming from the roof tops, for that person to be fired....double standards for democrats and republicans..as always.

So sick of the media!! I don't blame Pres-Elect Trump for using Twitter, he can get around the stupid lame stream media!! He is fast to correct when the media reports lies about him.

Trust, honesty and integrity are not admired traits with lying, influence peddling, bribery and the selling of America to the highest foreign government.

What the media has been doing is disgusting.
It is astounding that Pres-Elect Trump was able to over ride this and a whole lot more!

Another manipulation, another media oriented force working against Pres-Elect Trump. He more than deserved to be elected President.

When he hires a press spokesperson. If I were him, I would have specific written statements that can be read directly on the air and cut out the media completely. I would also have staff monitoring what is posted and if it is misquoted, I would take them to task immediately.

The (bias) media doesn't deserve to know anything about Pres-Elect Trump. I am well aware there is rules about the media being informed about the President's where about, but have you ever heard of a person being forced to tell their bully where they are?

Rules sometimes must be broken and revised.

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