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Please, enlighten me with your opinion!!

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/02/16

There is now a social media challenge in burning the flag!!

I "challenge" these people to do something PRODUCTIVE instead of destructive.
Make the world better if you're not happy with your little corner of it. Being a law-abiding productive member of society works!!!!

I'm allowing these disrespectful "Americans" to get to me. I'm about to start the "set a protestor on fire" challenge....I think I know a good place to start....

I don't know how any American, of any political party could think the burning of the American flag is okay. Smh...

No matter how many times anyone tries to sugar coat this disgusting behavior, it doesn't make it right!!!

This has turned into the biggest, most embarrassing temper tantrum. The day can't come soon enough for these people to see their stupidity and cowardly behavior for what it really is.

To do this to the American flag is a disgusting display of disrespect for the men and women who fought and those who gave their lives for all our freedoms!!

IMHO, it only shows the character of the person doing the burning and their level of maturity.
How about doing something constructive to protest, because these protests and riots have accomplished absolutely nothing....I take that back, the hatred for our country is growing by the minute.

Don't be shocked when some bodies hit the floor after a veteran with PTSD gets triggered, especially after lack of treatment from the VA... me personally, If I see someone burning the flag, I'll use my right to freedom of speech, they won't like it...I'll make sure they're extremely uncomfortable for doing it. Mark my words!!

Maybe they should wrap themselves in the flag. Warm up their two lonely brain cells, and ignite some intelligent behavior, spark the flame of rational thought.

The manufacturers of US flags should start making them flame retardant. This would take the 'lime light' out of the act of burning it. No focus on the act itself. Negative attention has proved to be more affective then any positive attention!!!

Let's talk about a teacher that was just fired for stepping on the flag, but others are burning flags and NOTHING at all has been done.
To be okay with one and not the other is INSANE!!! No wonder the young minds of today are in such a state of confusion. I can also include adults.

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