So exited!! I am so happy what the future may hold for all of us! Things are looking up! Happy days are here again! ??. : My Inner Thoughts
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So exited!! I am so happy what the future may hold for all of us! Things are looking up! Happy days are here again! ??.

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/02/16

I have never seen or heard of a President Elect doing a 'Thank You Tour'.....
Usually, they just throw up a wall and block the people out after the election.

Not Pres-Elect Trump. Doing this tour, makes me feel he APPRECIATES Americans for voting for him. His actions is showing his thanks,..for trusting that he and Vice-Pres Elect Pence will get the job done!!

Pres-Elect Trump's trains a comin! Stand up, shout out, and hold on! It's going to be a great ride on the way to making America great again!

Did you see Pres-Elect Trump's "Thank You Rally" in Ohio yesterday? It was an awesome speech!!! For the first time in my life, I am excited to hear my president (elect) speak!!

He says, "We didn't just break the blue wall, We shattered that sucker!!!!"

Love his way of speaking. Shoots straight. Doesn't sound rehearsed or scripted. Love listening to him. Never cared to listen to any politician before. How nice it is to listen to a leader and not cringe... to feel hope and more importantly feel proud.

I think this is why we love this guy, he just talks like he comes over to have a beer with you. And he actually makes sense. One has to admit,...he is giving us positive results.

He will go down as the best President ever, I know this..cause he doesn't care about being politically correct..and I'm praying that he never will. That is what makes these Politicians corrupt and dishonest...when they began to try to be Polictically correct.

Love it!!!! LOL!! Trump is going to be the best president ever!!! ??

The dishonest, corrupt, liberal media is trying to actually spin Trump saving 1100 jobs as something bad. Those f??ls really think we're "their" useful idiots. They're so unbelievable!

Goes to show you that the MEDIA no longer controls the people! We are taking back America!

We could really accomplish some great things,.. if we all unite for the next 4 years.
It is not going to help anyone for people to continue to try and tear Pres-Elect Trump down. It's a waste of energy!!!

God Bless Pres-Elect Trump & Vice-Pres Pence Administration.

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