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Wake Up America

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/10/16

I have never liked the TIME magazine. They are an odd group, they've crowned the strangest people. But now they had no choice. Pres-Elect Donald Trump made an incredible accomplishment. TIME could not deny it, but they still put their "dig" on the cover. And Trump SHOT BACK! I'm saying,...
Go Trump! Our new POTUS!

I wish everyone would just ignore TIME magazine. The remarks about Pres-Elect Trump is yet another way to get you to buy the magazine of lies.

The endless race baiting for political gain by the Democratic party has divided this country. Race relations are worse than I can recall in my life. Not only have the Democrats pitted blacks against whites, but they've pitted rich vs poor, man vs woman, gay vs straight, Christians vs every other religion etc etc.

Nobody has done more to divide people along racial and sociological economic lines than Pres-Obama and the Democratic Party. They stand for identity politics and demonize anyone who dares to disagree with their far left progressive, redistribute the wealth agenda.

It's just the TIMES contribution to keeping us divided. You see, if a major magazine says we're divided as a country, that doesn't mean we have to listen to them. They're part of the media who brainwash us into believing their headlines. They're part of the problem, and definitely not part of the solution.

What will all of these left wing nut jobs do if and when Pres-Elect Trump is a success at bringing back jobs and turning the economy around. Providing school choice for the poor, fixing dilapidated neighborhoods and above all securing our borders and keeping us safe? We just need to sit back and relax and wait.

And why is it that if someone doesn't think things have gone well with the current president, it can ONLY be because he is black and we are racist? He is half white too, or did you forget that?

Policies and results of policies aren't white or black. Get real with the silly little race card.
I don't care if Pres-Obama is purple. Bad policy is bad policy. For instance, encouraging ILLEGAL immigration. That's bad policy.

Claiming to create jobs when it's really because full time workers were cut to part time because of Obamacare (yet another mess), and they had to fill the part time jobs to equal 1 full time job is not creating jobs.

Much of the time, the one whining racist is the real racist. Even black Americans are saying he did nothing for them. Are they racist too? Grow up, people. Not everything is about race.

Pres-Obama has brought nothing but misery, poverty, shame, suffering, and tyranny to the United States and its citizens.

In case you missed it,..there are a record of 96 million people who are not in the work force. 96 million Americans are not laughing and joking about Christmas parties, they're trying to figure out how to pay for Christmas.

The job market sucks, there are more cops being killed than ever, riots in the streets over a democratic election, and a country more divided than anytime in the last 60 years.

When the democrats learn to abandon themselves to the skills and talents of other people, especially our President Elect, this perception of division will go away. Give me, yield to me, and reduce your values is not the solution. Hardworking people coming together with an America First focus is the solution.

This country is divided, no doubt about that. But Pres-Elect Trump isn't the one that did the dividing. You can thank Pres-Obama, Democratic Party, Clinton campaign, and the biggest of all,...the mainstream media.

Vickie Smith Wiles

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