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Yes I Have a SAY.....

by Vickie aka Cross33heart on 12/12/16

I won't blast your name to give you a ego boost, but I will quote you on what I "feel" is nonsense ....

"Anyone who is "with" the United States wants a full investigation into the extent of Russian interference in our election. Anyone who is "with" the United States doesn't side with Putin over our own intelligence agencies.
This isn't a hard one, folks."

I seriously do think this whole Russian & Putin interference is yet another attempt to avoid reality!!
Do you have any idea how dangerous your rhetoric is? "With us or against us?"

The United States was founded on the principle that many individuals with diverse opinions can come together and cooperate for the greater good of all. By more or less saying that you either agree with me or are a traitor, you are doing a disservice to the very country you claim to protect. It doesn't matter if you are Liberal or Conservative, everyone deserves to have a voice.
Actually, This country was created by diverse peoples with common values. Those values are not shared by the Democratic Party, in my humble opinion. I know, a bit harsh to swallow my truth, but really, what I've experienced and witnessed with my own eyes is my truth!! As you may have a different perception of your "truth." WELCOME TO AMERICA!!! ????

This has been citizen vs citizen, not democracy vs foreign intervention.

We can come together on the simple things, like the ability to agree that dissent, even if it is spoken in ways that we dislike, is healthy for Democracy. Many Conservatives voiced that they thought Pres-Obama was a Kenyan Muslim Communist. I support their right to do so just as much as I support Liberals right to say that Pres-Elect Trump is like Hilter. To each their own.

To me it doesn't matter what your opinion is, only your right to express it peacefully.

I personally do not blame Democrats for everything bad, When many Republicans, publicly stated," WE are going to Vote against anything Pres-Obama wants" They didn't care what was good for the country, they only wanted Pres-Obama to fail.

I'm not a Democrat or Liberal, But I did vote for Trump, because I want, what everyone should want, What is "best" for this country.

Just to be clear:
You are either against America or with us.

Your intent as a Liberal is to stop any and everything Pres-Elect Trump does is it not?
By definition that makes you and anyone else of the same cloth against us. This isn't a hard one, folks.
I'm not sure how to make it any simpler.

Welcome to follow me ??

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